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Choosing a Locksmith
When the security of your home, or business, is at stake, there are many important considerations when choosing a
Locksmith to carry out the work.
The Profession is unregulated by the government, with no licensing and no necessity to become a member of a Trade
Organisation. Consequently, many ‘Locksmiths’ exist, that have received little, or no training and have no qualms about
damaging your property, and charging you handsomely for the privilege. Most of these are ‘part-timers’, and ‘jack of all
traders’, not Specialist Locksmiths, but working as Plumbers and Fitters, etc. Some may say they are ‘Police approved’,
but in reality the Police cannot ‘approve’ anyone. They are not allowed to do so. Locksmiths can however, be ‘Police
Checked’, which is entirely different, so always make sure your Locksmith is ‘CRB Checked.’
Always use a genuine Local Locksmith. Look for a real Local phone number, not a Freephone, or only a
Mobile number. Many pretend to be local to get extra work, and use a vague, fabricated address, but if they don’t have
a local phone number, you could well be phoning a large National Call Centre (the Yellow Pages is full of them!), who will
sub-contract the job out to a Locksmith that could be a considerable distance from you, promising to get to you in 30mins,
when this is impossible as they are too far away. Because it’s sub-contracted, you are likely to be paying well in excess of
double the amount of contacting a local Locksmith direct. Some Nationals will even quote an attractive price over the phone,
but add ‘hidden extras’ once on site. With Neighbourhood Locks, the Ipswich Locksmith, there are no hidden costs. When
you phone us, you talk to a local Locksmith, not a telephone operator.
Ask if the ‘Locksmith’ will drill the lock, or use ‘Non-destructive entry’. If drilling is the first option of your Locksmith,
and if they have not even attempted to open it another way, this is generally because they do not have the necessary skill to
open the lock without destroying it. If the keys to your lock are still in your home, and the lock is drilled, then they will have
destroyed a perfectly good lock, and they will charge you for the replacement. There are occasions where it is sometimes
necessary to drill a lock, for example when it is faulty, and opening it ‘Non-destructively’ is not possible. However in most cases
Neighbourhood Locks, the Ipswich Locksmith, can open locks without resorting to drilling, and we guarantee that if a usable,
‘non-security compromised’ lock is destroyed whilst gaining access to your property, then the replacement
will be supplied free of charge. (Excludes some high-security locks, autos). How many other Locksmiths offer
Make sure your Locksmith, is insured. Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ are Public Liability Insured
for £2,000,000.
Ask if your Locksmith guarantees their work and any parts fitted.
Ask if there is a ‘Call-out’ Charge. Some will charge by the hour, but we quote for the job.
Ask if you will be charged if a return trip is required. Some Locksmiths do not carry a full stock of Locks and other
hardware, and may have to return once the part is in stock. Therefore it is important to check if you will be charged for the
extra journey.
Check for reviews on the internet. A reputable local Locksmith will always do a good job in his neighbourhood, as word
spreads fast,-  good and bad!
Be careful who you let in your home!
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