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Digital Locks
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’, can supply and fit Digital Locks for
access control, to cover different situations, including those with both high, and
low-traffic. These are suitable for Commercial properties, such as offices and
reception areas, as well as storage cupboards, and we supply models that can
be used both internally and externally. There are currently many different makes
and models on the market, all with slightly different features, but the main
advantages of Digital locks, is that no key is required, and with some models,
the code may be changed rapidly, and easily, which is a useful feature for offices
with a high turnover of employees, where security has to be maintained. The ‘code
buttons’ are on the external side of the door, and the latch may not be retracted
until the correct code has been entered (or overridden by the key, on some models
that have this feature). On the internal side of the door, the mechanism features a
‘knob’ or ‘handle’ which is simply turned to withdraw the latch. This ensures that no
one can become accidently locked in. There are Mechanical and Electronic versions,
operating various latches, and deadbolts. Others are suitable for ‘Panic Hardware’ to
enable ‘escape’ in an emergency.  
We supply and install a variety of Digital locks, including ‘Codelock’ and ‘Unican’
Digital locks, although other brands are sometimes more suitable for certain
situations. Generally, the ‘Codelocks’ are more suitable for low-traffic areas, whilst
the ‘Unican’ range is generally considered more robust, secure and suitable for
high-traffic areas. The ‘Unican L1000’ is ideal for Offices, Hospitals, Residential
Properties, Restricted areas in Hotels, Data Storage facilities etc. and feature the
ability to change the code without removing the lock from the door. The ‘Squire’
digital lock, is a small unit that can be a direct replacement for a ‘rim cylinder’ on
a Commercial property. Additionally, we also supply and fit ‘Electric Strikes’ and
Electronic Access Control, and all ‘Panic Hardware’, suitable for Fire Exits etc.
We can also service Digital Locks, open doors fitted with them in the case of a
‘lost code’, or malfunctioning unit, in some cases recover lost codes, and reset
codes. In addition, we can service these by post, -  please email or phone us with
your requirements regarding this.
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