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‘Secondary Security’
‘Secondary security’ refers to anything which can ‘beef-up’ existing security, and act
as a deterrent against unauthorised entry to your property. These come in various forms,
some of which are outlined below.
Door Chains and restrictors are a very popular addition, and allow the door to be opened
just enough to see who is the other side, without allowing the door to be fully opened. These
may also be fitted in conjunction with a ‘spy hole’ which is a useful addition to a non-glazed
door, as it provides an easy way to determine just who has knocked on your door, before
you open it. We can supply various versions, both ‘chained’, and ‘restrictor’ type.
‘Sash Jammers’, or ‘Snap Locks’ are a very popular way to add extra security to existing
windows and doors, especially since most break-ins occur via a window. They are quick
to install, and their low-cost makes them a very worthwile investment. They are fixed to
the edge of the window, or door frame (the part that doesn’t move), and the moveable
‘arm’ of the ‘Jammer’ is rotated 90 degrees, and onto the window or door frame itself.
These are very popular, and can make forcing a window or door extremely difficult.
These are available in both ‘non-locking’ and ‘locking’ varities. These are lockable only
from the inside, so are most suitable for adding to external doors as extra security at
night, or for adding to more vulnerable windows at the rear of properties.
‘Rack Bolts’ are fitted into the edge of wooden doors, and are ‘racked’ across with a
‘star key’, in order that the bolt extends into the door frame. These are suitable for
additional internal security, both for internal and external doors. These only operate
from one side, so, like ‘Sash Jammers’ are suitable for securing a ‘back door’. Over time
these can fail occassionally, so if you find your existing ‘rack bolts’ become harder to
operate, do not force them, as this can strip the ‘teeth’, making their removal a little
more challanging, but call us on 01473 622461 to resolve the problem before it worsens.
‘Hinge Bolts’ can be fitted to the ‘hinge’ side of doors, to help prevent ‘jemmying’ or prying.
These are another low-cost item, and are quick to install. They, along with ‘Sash Jammers’
are a very good investment.
‘Patio Door Locks’ are a ‘must’ and are usually an Insurance requirement. They prevent
patio doors from being opened, forced and/or ‘lifted’.
Neighbourhood Locks also supply and fit ‘Anti-Key-Fishing’ covers to the inside of
letterboxes. With ‘Key-fishing’ on the rise, (See ‘Security Advice’ for more information),
these low-cost items can ensure that you are not going to have the keys to your car etc.
or other valuables, ‘hooked’ and ‘fished’ through the letterbox.
‘Lockguards’ can be fitted either to the door edge, or either side of a mortice lock,
and are especially suited to thinner and weaker doors. These reinforce the door,
and help guard against the door being kicked in.
‘Birmingham’ and ‘London Bars’ perform a similar purpose, but are longer, and stronger
and are fitted to the hinge-side, or lock-side of doors, to provide additional strength.
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’, can also supply and fit Security grills. These can be either the fixed variety,
more usually found on Commercial properties, or a sliding version, which is popular for Domestic use, and can be locked
‘closed’ as a strong visual deterrent, or collapsed and slid away, when not required.
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