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‘Pickbuster’ is the solution, to the growing security threat of ‘Lock Bumping’. As Locksmiths,
we are seeing an increase in instances of ‘Bumping’ being used to attempt to gain entry to
homes in the area. ‘Bumping’ uses a modified key, which enables the burglar to enter
properties with ‘cylinder type’ locks, including UPVc doors, and ‘Yale’ types etc. leaving
no trace that a burglary has even taken place. One of the problems, is that because there is
no trace, Insurers will be very unlikely to pay-out. ‘Bumping’ doesn’t just happen in the cities,
but is happening in all geographical locations, and, because of the internet, it is becoming more
widespread, with some locks opening in seconds.
‘Bumping’ has been around for many years, but because of the Internet, over the last
few years, has become more widespread.
As ‘Authorised Installers’ of ‘Pickbuster’, ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ are able to treat existing cylinder locks swiftly, to
hinder bumping, and for as little as £10 per lock. We offer a discount when several locks are treated. The process
provides a ‘dampener’ to help prevent ‘Bumping’.
If you have ‘Pickbuster’ installed by us, the Manufacturers will guarantee that for up to two years, you will not be
burgled by ‘Lock Bumping’. They are so confident of this, that if your Insurers refuse to pay out, ‘Pickbuster’ will pay
up to £2,500 on a single break-in. ‘Pickbuster’ will send out a Technical Expert who will examine the lock, and re-apply
‘Pickbuster’ to your lock/s.
Give us a call now, to ask about ‘Pickbuster’, or to arrange an appointment for installation.
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