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UPVc Door and Window Locks and Mechanisms
The UPVc door/window combination has been around a good few years now, and while the plastic itself is
comparatively low-maintenance, the lock/mechanism does tend to need some form of adjustment over time.
The mechanism (or ‘Multipoint Lock’ as it is known) can feature an impressive array of ‘bolts’, ‘rollers’ and
‘hooks’ on the edge of the door, which all engage into recesses (or ‘keeps’) in the frame once the handle is
lifted, and the lock engaged, which generally makes the entrance secure, though all this relies on the
quality of the actual lock fitted. Ipswich Locksmith Neighbourhood Locks are Specialists in all aspects of
UPVc Door (and Window) Mechanisms, and can supply higher-security locks if needed, and are happy to
advise regarding the various options available.
Over time, due to movement within the door and/or mechanism/’keeps’, you may begin to notice that
the handles are becoming progressively harder to operate, needing somewhat greater force to knock the
handle up, and thus ‘force’ the ‘bolts’ into their ‘keeps’ before locking occurs. If this problem is resolved
swiftly, it is usually just a case of making a few adjustments. If neglected however, the problem can only
become worse, because the constant ‘forcing up’ of the handles will put a strain on whatever is causing
the extra force required, and ultimately, something within the mechanism will break. Prevention is far better
than cure, and less costly too, with ‘Multi-point Locking Mechanims’ and ‘Gearboxes’ quite costly items to
replace once they have failed completely, usually locking the Owner out. All locking mechanisms differ in
subtle ways, with the spacing between fixings, so it is a good idea to call a Professional in, to ensure you
have the correct item fitted.
Alternatively, you may notice that the handles feel ‘floppy’ and hang down at a significant angle. This could
be the first sign of failure of the ‘geabox’, which drives the mechanisms ‘bolts’ along the door edge. Again,
this should be resolved as soon as possible, in order that the occupant is not locked outside, with a jammed
We can also repair, supply and maintain UPVc window locks, handles and mechanisms. Did you know that
most  Insurers insist that all windows accessible from the ground, are required to have a lock fitted? Check
that yours comply with your Insurers requirements, or they are unlikely to pay out, in the even of a break-in.
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ can also offer a wide variety of additional security for UPVc
doors and windows, including ‘snap locks’ which can be fitted to the frame, and ‘snapped up’ to act as extra
security against a door or window being forced. These are available in both ‘locking’ and ‘non-locking’ versions.
We can also fit internal letterbox covers, which are a discreet way of preventing ‘Key Fishing’, which is where
the burglar uses a tool to hook keys and other valuables, left near the inside of the door. See our ‘Security Advice’
and ‘Secondary Security’ pages for more information.
Additionally, we can carry out cosmetic repairs to UPVc, using the ‘Konig System’ to eliminate holes, chips and
scratches etc., rendering them virtually invisible.
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