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Security advice (and some risks)
Non-Locksmiths may be surprised to learn that we see locks on a daily basis, which may
appear to be secure to the untrained eye, but would prove little deterrent to those wishing
to gain entry to your property. It is said that if someone is determined to get in, they will,
but it is only common sense to make it as difficult for them, as possible.
'UPVc-type' locks standing out more than a few millimetres from the external handle
(around a 'matchstick thickness' - see photo on the right for a highly exaggerated
example), are a serious security risk! Without going into details, there is a technique
that can easily compromise the lock. Resolving this is fast, and cost-effective, so we
would recommend attending to this, to keep your property secure.
The use of ‘Bump Keys’ is becoming mode widespread, mainly due to the internet. Using a modified key, which can be easily
obtained, cylinder locks including those in UPVc doors and ‘Yale’ type, can be opened in seconds, leaving no sign of forced
entry, thus making it impossible to prove to your Insurers that a robbery has even occured. Neighbourhood Locks was most
surprised to learn that even some Police Forces are unaware of ‘Bump Keys’. We can
treat existing locks with ‘Pickbuster’, which is quick to install, for as little as £10 a lock.
Discounts are available when treating multiple locks.
Alternatively, we can upgrade your locks to higher-security versions, that feature
‘restricted keys’. These keys have a significantly more complex ‘profile’ to standard
keys, and can only be obtained by those who are authorised, so making a ‘Bump Key’
to fit one of these locks is practically impossible. The ‘Evva 3KS’ system features a
very special key and lock, with ‘sidebars’ making it virtually unpickable and unable to
be ‘bumped’. We also fit the ‘Cisa Astral S’, which features many high-security features.
‘Key Fishing’ is more widely known about by the general public, with many reports in the
media, of victims having keys to valuable cars, and other items ‘fished’ from their letterboxes,
with the use of a rod. It is remarkable just how easy it is to do this, and just as remarkable is
the amount of people that still leave their keys on a hook just the other side of the letterbox.
It is never wise to do this. One product that Neighbourhood Locks in Ipswich supply and fit, are
‘Anti-key fishing covers’. These are fitted to the inside of the letterbox, and prevent access,
although allow full use for the Postman, of course. They are a very cost-effective way to add
security to your property, and are available in several finishes.
Some security advice is common sense, but cannot be overstated enough. Never leave keys
in the back of the lock, or within reach through a ‘cat flap’. A very large proportion of break-ins
occur through windows, so make sure all windows are locked before leaving your home. If you
are going out for the evening, or away, make sure it appears that someone is there. Ask yourself
this. ‘If I was locked out, could I get in?’ If you can, a burglar could. Your property is only as good
as the weakest point. Don’t leave ladders or tools in accessable places for burglars to use. Security
lighting is also a worthwhile investment. No burglar wishes to be seen to be ‘breaking-in’. Mark valuables with your postcode.
Consider installing high, lockable gates to prevent access to the rear of your property, and add trellis to the top of fences. - a
burglar will have to break these in order to climb over, which will make more noise. Ensure patio doors are secure too. Many
break-ins are through patio doors, so add extra locks. Burglar Alarms are very worthwhile too, and may also get you a discount
on your insurance premium. Always buy the best security that you can afford. Many look back after a break-in, and wish they
had, after being informed their front door has only a ‘2-lever bedroom’ lock on it for ‘protection’.
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