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Master Key Suites
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’,are able to design and build complete ‘Master Key
Suites’. These are suitable for many different Commercial situations, including Hotels, Guest
Houses, Hospitals, Schools, Landlords etc. This is one of the more specialised areas in
Locksmithing, which we are proud to be able to offer.
Here’s how a ‘Master Key Suites’ works. In this example, imagine you are the Owner of a Hotel,
you could have just one key to open all locks in the building, which saves carrying many keys, and
allows just the one to be carried. It could open the main doors, the office, the storage cupboards,
the Bar, and all the rooms on every floor and your private office. This single key, is known as the
‘Grand Grand Master Key’. The next level, referred to as the ‘Grand Master Key’, could be for your
Hotel Manager, and may allow access to everything previously stated, except your private office
and the Bar. The next level in this example, would consist of keys that could be for Cleaning Staff,
and would open all rooms on the single floor that the Cleaner was responsible for. These are the
‘Master Keys’. Then there would be the keys for the guests, that would of course, only open the
room which they occupied.
Within reason, there can be as many, or as few levels to ‘Master Key Suites’ as is required. These
can be designed to use either a ‘standard’ key that we can cut as required, or on a higher-security,
‘Restricted Section’ Key, which needs authorisation to be duplicated. This has the added advantage
in that members of Staff are unable to have the keys duplicated illicitly.
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