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Insurance Upgrades
Most insurers today require that ‘British Standard’ (BS) Locks be fitted to your property, otherwise
you may not be covered in the event of a burglary, and your insurers are unlikely to pay out. Ipswich
Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks will always fit BS locks in situations that require them.
The BS 5-lever Mortice locks that Insurers require, have changed significantly over
the last few years, and include several features designed to thwart illicit entry, including
a new, stronger 20mm-throw, anti-saw deadbolt (the previous version was only 14mm),
a ‘hardplate’ to resist drilling, anti-pick notches in the levers (to inhibit ‘picking’), and a
fully boxed-in ‘keep’. Older locks did not have a ‘curtain’ either, which is an ‘insert’ fitted
to the later Mortice locks, to make ‘picking’ more difficult.
Not all BS locks have a ‘Kite Mark’ though, but must conform to one of the ‘British
Standards’. It is a complex matter, but to test a Lock and receive the ‘Kite Mark’ a
fee has to be paid to ‘BS’. However a lock can tested to BS, ‘conform’ to BS, though
not have the ‘Kite Mark’ because no fee has been paid to BS. There is no difference
in the BS test, it just means that the lock can be produced for a smaller cost (thus
saving the Consumer money), because a fee has not been paid to BS for the ‘Kite
Mark’. Numbers such as BS3621- 2004 are common, meaning that the lock conforms
to BS no. 3621 and was tested in 2004.
In the photo to the right, the top lock, is the older standard, with only a 14mm ‘bolt’
(seen below the latch). The bottom lock, has the new noticeably larger 20mm ‘bolt’,
which is much stronger than it’s predecessor, and protrudes further into the door frame.
This is just one the the ‘upgraded’ features of the newer locks, which make them more
Surprisingly, ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ still see Non-BS locks every week, fitted to front
and back doors that are not BS approved, and are in most cases, fit only for
low-security situations, such as Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc. It is concerning to think
that the Consumer will happily spend a small fortune on a ‘Wide-screen Plasma TV’,
but have locks on external doors, that offer little more protection and strength, than
if the door was unlocked. Security must be looked upon as an investment.
Insurers also require that all windows capable of opening, that are accessible from the ground,
must be fitted with a lock. Many break-ins occur via windows, and with the low-cost of window
locks and ‘sash jammers’, it makes good sense to ensure your property complies with your Insurers
requirements, or they may not pay out in the event of a break-in.
Some Insurers require bolts to be fitted too, and because Insurers requirements can vary from one Company to the next,
it is a good idea to check with them to make sure that your locks comply, to keep your insurance valid.
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