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Lock ‘types’
Mortice locks, generally referred to as ‘Chubb-type locks’, provide a high-level of security for
domestic properties. They are usually fitted into a ‘pocket’, (or ‘Mortice’) in the edge of wooden
doors, and have a key with a longer, cylindrical shaft. Insurance companies tend to specifiy
‘British Standard 5-lever Mortice Locks’ on Insurance requirements, because of their higher
security. Sometimes they are fitted in conjunction with a ‘Yale-type lock’, or Nightlatch. The
latest Chubb-type locks, feature a 20mm Bolt with is significantly stronger than it’s 14mm
predecessor, and include ‘anti-saw’ protection, Anti-pick notches (to hamper ‘picking’), a
‘hardplate’ to protect against drilling, and a fully boxed-in ‘keep’. We stock all major brands of
Mortice Lock to suit all budgets, including Era, Union, Securefast and Chubb (Now ‘Chubb-at-
Heart’). The higher priced locks have a much smoother operation, and generally last longer.
Mortice locks are also used for internal doors, such as Bedroom and Bathroom doors, which
generally do not require to be as high security as those on external doors, and in these cases,
a 2, or 3-lever Mortice Lock will be suitable, although we do sometimes receive requests to fit
5-lever (non-BS) locks internally. Mortice locks that include a ‘latch’ (the wedged-shaped part
that the handle operates), are referred to as ‘Sashlocks’, and those without, ‘Deadlocks’.
Additionally, we can also supply and fit ‘Euro Sash Cases’. These are essentially a Mortice lock,
that is driven and locked with a ‘Euro Cylinder’ that is more usually associated with UPVc doors.
The advantage of this system, is that the Cylinder can replaced easily, which is a valuable feature
for Offices and Landlords etc. where there is a need to change locks frequently, and because just
the Cylinder is being replaced, rather than the entire Mortice, it is a good way to keep costs down.
‘Sash cases’ can also be fitted with a ‘Thumbturn’, to comply with Fire Regulations, and allow for a
swift exit in an emergency. We can also re-key these, in order that they can work from an existing
cylinder key, which is ‘flatter’ and easier to carry than a conventional mortice key.
Nightlatches, are often referred to as ‘Yale-type locks’. Unless these are of the latest large, heavy
‘British Standard’ variety, which are ‘Insurance approved’, they are generally considered low-security,
and should be fitted with a mortice lock to meet Insurers requirements. The ‘lock’ actually consists of
two parts. The Cylinder itself, which can be changed in a ‘lost key scenario’ (unless it is the BS type),
an the actual ‘latch’ mechanism itself, which usually wont require replacing unless it develops a fault
which can happen overtime. Nightlatches have a button, or ‘snib’ which can be pushed up or down to
deadlock the door, - this can sometimes fail, so if the button begins to feel stiff or abnormally loose,
then it is wise to have it checked, before it fails completely, and possibly locks the owner out. The
‘British Standard’ Nightlatches, feature ‘auto-deadlocking’, which is a great security feature, and
prevents ‘credit-carding’ (as seen in the films), and are Insurance approved. We stock all major
brands of Nightlatch, including Yale, Zone, Sterling etc.
Euro Cylinders, are usually associated with UPVc doors, and from the front resemble a large
keyhole shape. Along with Nightlatches, they use a ‘flatter key’, and can be operated from either
side with a key, or in a ’thumbturn’ version, with a key from one side, and just turned with a ‘knob’
on the inside, to aid ease of opening. We carry a large stock of Euro Cylinders including those
manufactured by Zone, UAP etc. We can also supply Evva and Cisa High-Security Cylinders etc.
if required.
These are just the main type of locks, shown here, to aid ease of identification, but we also supply many, many more varieties
including Padlocks (Chubb, Era, Ingersoll etc.), Rim Locks (for sheds and gates), Cam Locks (for filing cabinets etc.),
Digital Access Locks, Cupboard Locks, Garage Door Locks, Window Locks etc.
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