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Locked out?
If you’ve ever locked yourself out, you will know that this can be one of the most frustrating
situations. Neighbourhood Locks are sympathetic to this, and will gain access to your
property in a Professional manner, as swiftly as possible, and for a fair price.
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ use ‘Non-destructive Entry’ (NDE) as our first
option to get you back into your property. Many ‘Locksmiths’ will attempt to gain entry, by
destroying your lock, because they do not possess the skills or equipment required to open
it Non-destructively. We use the very latest methods, and the very latest equipment.
If the keys to your property are still inside, and the lock is destroyed in the process of gaining
entry, a perfectly good lock will have been needlessly destroyed, and some ‘Locksmiths’ see
this as an opportunity to sell you a new lock, usually at a highly-inflated cost.
There are occasions when it is necessary to drill a lock, for example when it has developed a
fault, and non-destructive opening is not possible. However in most cases, Ipswich Locksmiths
Neighbourhood Locks can gain access to your property, without resorting to destroying the lock,
which is a worthwhile way to keep costs to a minimum.
‘Neighbourhood Locks’, the Locksmiths in Ipswich, have a very special guarantee. We guarantee
that if a usable, ‘non-security compromised’ lock is destroyed whilst gaining access to
your property, then the replacement will be supplied free of charge. (Excludes faulty, and
security-compromised locks, and some high-security locks, autos). How many other
Locksmiths offer this?
One word of warning. At ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ here in Ipswich, we frequently get called to
Lock-outs, only to find that a well-meaning neighbour has attempted to ‘help’ gain access
before we arrive. In every single case where this has happened, it has ended up costing the
Client needless expense of a new window (where the glass has been broken), or door, or a
new lock, usually because a lock that could be opened non-destructively, has been damaged
beyond all repair. This not only costs more in the long-run, but can also mean that what would
have usually been a straightforward job, can be complicated needlessly, and take longer. Call
in a Professional to begin with, and it will cost less in the long-run. 
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