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Furniture Locks
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’, also provide a variety of ‘Furniture Lock’
services, including ‘opening’, ‘servicing’, ‘key making’ and complete ‘restoration’ of all
furniture locks.
We are often called to open antique writing desks, or boxes, for which no key exists,
and to make-up a suitable, sometimes ornate key to suit. On some occassions, the lock
itself has become defective, through general use, or age, and it becomes necessary to
restore the lock. As parts are generally not available for these locks, most components
have to be fabricated from scratch, by hand, in order to make the lock function again
correctly. Although this may be time consuming, it is nevertheless, a very rewarding, and
specialised side to the Profession.
The photos below show a dismantled lock (on the left), from an antique writing desk, which
we were asked to ‘open’, as no keys existed. Once the desk had been successfully opened,
and the lock carefully removed and examined, it became apparent the centre pin which the
‘piped key’ would normally align with, had broken away from the back-plate, and had become
lodged in the lever mechanism. The photo on the right, shows the fully restored, and functioning
lock, (though the angle of the photo appears to make the centre pin look ‘off-centre’). We then
handmade a number of keys for the newly reconstructed lock, and the Client was extremely
pleased with the end result.
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