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Key Cutting Onsite, - guaranteed to work!
Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’, offer the convenience of cutting your keys onsite
(at Home, or Work), which guarantees that they will work (because we will test them in the lock
they’re intended for), as well as saving you trips to the High Street, and paying ‘High Street
prices’. Whether you are a Domestic Client, or a Commercial one, we carry keys to suit most
situations, including Cylinder Keys, Mortice Keys, Padlock Keys, Rim Cylinder Keys and Filing
Cabinet Keys. We guarantee all our keys to work, and remember as Locksmiths we cover
Felixstowe and Woodbridge and all surrounding areas too.
We receive a lot of ‘repeat custom’ from Clients that have informed us that they ‘would prefer
to have us cut their keys, because ours work.’ As Locksmiths in Ipswich Neighbourhood Locks,
take this as a great compliment in our ability to cut keys correctly, and feel sure that much of
this is because we are ‘Locksmiths’, not ‘Key Cutters’, and therefore have a significantly greater
understanding of the way the lock works.
At Neighbourhood Locks, we are able to cut keys for most applications, including Yale type
Nightlatches, Chubb type Locks, Rim Cylinders, Euro Cylinders, Oval Cylinders, Union Mortice
Locks, Garage doors, Window locks, Padlocks, Filing cabinets, non-transponder Car keys etc.
We are able to offer to ‘Key Alike’ locks, which means that we can re-pin (or re-lever in the case
of Mortice Locks), two or more locks, to work from the same key. This enables the Client to carry
less keys, and adds a level of convenience to be able to unlock several locks, without having to
fumble for other keys. This service is considered to be somewhat specialised within the
profession, with fewer Locksmiths offering this.
Additionally, Ipswich Locksmiths ‘Neighbourhood Locks’ can design and supply ‘Master
Key Suites’ that allow you to control access in environments such as Hotels, Offices,
Schools, Hospitals etc. A system of Master Keys can be built, that would allow, for example,
‘Cleaning Staff’ working in a Hotel, to have one key, that would allow them access only to
the rooms on the floor that they are responsible for. The Hotel Manager would have a Master
Key that would open all the rooms, on every floor, and additionally open the Hotel Office, Bar,
Main doors etc. This is a very simple example, and Master Key Suites can be designed with
a considerable number of levels, with each ‘level’ having a restricted access, with the
exception of the ‘Master Key’ holder. 
We can also offer a variety of ‘Restricted’ Key’ options for ‘higher-security’ situations, and peace of mind. Restricted Keys 
can only be duplicated and obtained by those with the correct authorisation, and most have highly-complex key-profiles,
with a greater number of ‘lines’ running the length of the key, making it almost impossible to make a ‘bump key’* to gain
unauthorised access. (* see our ‘Security Advice’ section on ‘Bump Keys’). Restricted Keys are useful in situations where
you may have a large number of employees, and require peace of mind, that important keys cannot be duplicated. We
are able to supply a variety of locks that are ‘higher-security’, and are suitable for both Domestic, and Commercial
applications, including those by ‘Cisa’, ‘Mult-T-Lock’, ‘Evva’, etc. (see our ‘Lock ‘types’ section for further information).
Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks can also be booked for your event, in order to carry out ‘bulk key cutting’,
at great rates.
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